Tide Talent Haul - Reason for Concern?

February 8, 2018

    There has been a sense of concern since summer of 2017 with the lack of commitments that Nick Saban normally has entering a season.  Now with a staff overhaul as well as a #6 finish in recruiting, many fans are wondering about cracks in the dynasty wall.  Scott Griffin and Rodney Orr take a closer look at the 2018 class plus thoughts on the breaking news of yet another staffer leaving Tuscaloosa. 

Tide-altown Talent Coming

February 5, 2018

   It may not be the top ranked class again which has been Nick Saban's mantra the last several years but it still could provide critical needs and has some players that have the potential to do some marvelous things on the football field.  This is the final update before signing day from Scott Griffin and Rodney Orr. 

In Tua tion - Tide takes the title, now what?

January 9, 2018

    The gifted lefty from Hawaii came in as celebrated as any QB in Alabama history yet waited his turn.  Despite having played just one half of football in weeks, Nick Saban went to the Bama bullpen for Tua Tagovailoa.  He delivered a performance that will be imprinted on Tide's fans minds forever.  Now the debate begins....Tua or Jalen Hurts. Scott Griffin of Tide and Tiger and Rodney Orr of Tider Insider. 

Same Formula, Same Result? Championship Game Podcast

January 6, 2018

    It has been the most successful run in college football history.  The Crimson Tide gunning for their 5th national title in 9 years which would obliterate the previous best 5 title run that took Bear Bryant 16 years to accomplish.  The formula will be the same, play great defense, try and avoid mistakes and hope for success in the run game.  Is that good enough against a virtual identical team toughened by the same conference?  Scott Griffin and Rodney Orr of Tiderinsider.com have more along with thoughts from Nick Saban and QB Jalen Hurts. 

Payback - Bama Crunches Clemson

January 2, 2018

        The memory lasted a year for Alabama.  A harrowing, haunting last play dagger to the heart from Clemson last year to cost the Tide a national championship.  One would think that at a place like Alabama it wouldn't be such a burden to try and forget, not with the amazing success of 5 national titles in 9 years.  But at the Capstone, it isn't about remembering winning.  It's about not having to remember losses.  Scott Griffin and Rodney Orr have more on the game, a pre look at Georgia and recruiting. 

Recruiting Update - Less than a Week before Football’s 1st Early Signing Period

December 14, 2017

    There has been eyebrows raised at the lack of commitments that have come to the Capstone so far in the 2018 class, especially with the historic early signing period imminent here during the holidays.  However, Alabama has made up for lost ground by utilizing the fact they did not make the SEC title game as an advantage to hitting the road.  What is the take with less than a week away?  Also with ace recruiter and yet another defensive mind (Jeremy Pruitt) now gone elsewhere?  Scott Griffin and Rodney Orr of Tiderinsider.com discuss. 

Tide is In - What Happens Next

December 4, 2017

    Against main stream media and many odds (for not being a conference champion), Alabama made the Final Four of football with Georgia, Clemson and Oklahoma.  It is rematch #3 in successive years for the Tide and the Tigers.  But to only see that, is to miss the importance of the next few weeks for Bama.  Scott Griffin and Rodney Orr of Tider Insider discuss.  

#2 and Grinding

November 9, 2017

   Nick Saban is ecstatic that his Crimson Tide doesn't have to fight off the arrows of being in the college football playoff penthouse, but it doesn't mean the adversity is absent.  Injuries, a run game stopped by LSU and other questions abound.....YET, Bama is still unbeaten and #2 in America.  Scott Griffin of Tide and Tiger and Rodney Orr of Tider Insider talk about the Mississippi State game upcoming plus a recruiting update.  

Ri-Vol-ry - Bama preview of Tennessee

October 19, 2017

            It is the 100th meeting between Alabama and Tennessee but this rivalry has been anything but as the Tide has won the last 10 meetings although in 2015, they trailed with under 6 minutes to go. Scott Griffin of Tide and Tiger and Rodney Orr of Tider Insider discuss the rivalry, what to look for and provide a recruiting update on the prospects in town plus who is considering Alabama right now. 

Always an Eye to the Future - Tide Recruiting

October 13, 2017

        Relentless is what the "R" stands for in recruiting since Nick Saban has captained the Tide ship for 11 years.  With a new December early signing period, the on campus visits in the meat of the SEC schedule become more crucial than normal.  It starts this week with Arkansas coming to Tuscaloosa.  Scott Griffin of Tide and Tiger and Rodney Orr of Tider Insider have more on the players Bama has an eye on and the talent making plans to check out the Capstone.  Also, a preview of the Arkansas game.